The days of having to go to the post office to mail things out are long gone. The internet has done more than just provide lightning fast information. It has also given us the ability to buy products and services without ever having to leave the house. And now the United States Postal Service has jumped on to this band wagon and just at the right time by offering web postage.

Facing the down sides of the economy like everyone else in this country, the USPS has decided to allow people to pay for it right from home using the internet. There are only a few websites who have the ability to print out USPS-approved postage. One of the biggest is

How does this benefit us? And are we just being flat-out lazy?

Well, maybe. But Americans for the most part are lazy by nature. But can we really call it laziness? It seems more like it should be categorized in the ‘efficiency’ category. The less time that we have to spend waiting in lines and driving across town means the more time we will have to spend with our friends and family doing things that we actually enjoy doing. Not only that, but we will save money by saving gas and save the environment some by keeping the exhaust out of the air.

Okay, saving the environment might be pushing it a little bit, but in the least we will just be a little bit happier those days where we don’t have to brave the harsh elements and stand in line just waiting to send off that mail.

Small businesses that constantly use the Post Office to ship their products or goods will also save tons of money by not having to hire someone to make consistent trips to the Post Office. Over time, these consistent trips surely do add up and cost the company a few solid dollars in gas money and in hourly time wage for the employees that they had to hire to make the constant trips to the Post Office.

A major drawback in web postage is the fact that Post Offices don’t have to employ as many people to work in their offices. Those people that counted on helping people and moving the long lines along no longer are needed. This is sad indeed, but it was only a matter of time and no one likes to wait in long lines.

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