As many consumers are revisiting their household budgets to find alternative methods to reduce expenses, here is one area in which you can enjoy substantial savings over the course of a year, and that is printing postage at home using services.

It seems that every year the price of stamps has gone up. This year, there may be another increase. Another factor is that many post offices are asking to close one day a week. This is due to the current recession and their need to cut down on costs.

Well, there is a way you can save money in the most fundamental way by using How much do you expend each year? $100? $200? The cost of mailing cards, letters, and packages can add up, right?

For a small monthly fee, you can do it at home. Moreover, you can generally enjoy discounts on Priority Mail and Express Mail as well. How does this work? When you go to, you can register and take a 4-week trial, offers do vary, but often you’ll receive some postage, a supply kit, and a 5 lb. scale (Requires Sign-Up and S&H Fee).

The unique feature of this scale is that it hooks up to your PC. When you need to mail a letter, card, or package; you place it on the scale and it accurately gives you the amount. Simply click and print. The software that comes with your package is allows for immediate integration.

Whether you are sending out invitations or small packages and letters, using will save you time, money, and stress by not having to stand on long lines at the post office.

In addition, offers free delivery confirmation and tracking. If you are sending a package to a friend or family member through USPS, you can email them the tracking number as well.

Probably the best feature of is that it will keep an accurate record of all your expenses. This is invaluable especially if you work-at-home and need this information for tax purposes. Moreover, it will help you to ensure that you are keeping within your household budget.

If you sell items on eBay, can be invaluable source of ensuring that what you pay is accurate as it pertains to the state you are sending the item to. As you know, you pay many fees as a member of eBay, and the one area that can be most expensive is sending packages. This reduces the chance of overpaying.

Finally, if you are sending packages to other states or even within your own state, they offer a variety of ways you can send it. This allows for additional savings as well. Check out and peruse the site. Chances are you will see the efficacy in utilizing this unique service for printing postage at home. is the best way to manage all your mailing needs. Sign up today for a 4-week trial and an $80 offer!