There is nothing quite as annoying as going to the post office, waiting in line behind two or three people and having it take a good 30 minutes just to get what you need. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to print your own postage online.

There are a few different places you can go online to acheive this. The first place to look is USPS. While the service is free, you will face charges for the cost of the postage and you are limited to the higher classes of mail such as Priority and Express. A couple of bonuses to this is that you will get confirmation of delivery for free and you will receive a tracking number for free.

The next place to look is This is one of the few approved licensed vendors for the USPS. You will get free delivery confirmation with this site along with a number of other perks. At the time of writing you will get 5% discount on Express Mail shipments, 5% discount on Priority Mail International, and 10% discount on insurance, please see their website for the latest discounts, which may vary from those listed above. There is a four week trial you can use to see if you like the way it works.

The final place is Endicia. There are several service plans with this site including a free service. The cheapest service aside from the free one is $9.99 a month and the highest is $99.95 a month. It all depends on how much you will be using the service and what you are looking for with the service.

Who do we recommend?

Our number one choice for printing postage online is is the best way to manage all your mailing needs. Sign up today for a 4-week trial and an $80 offer!