You may be unaware that you can print US postage from your own personal computer. This is a great way to avoid the actual post office and you can save money also. If you have never heard about this before, you will want to learn about this and you may never have to visit the post office again.

When you do this you will also need a digital scale. At, you will get a package and a digital scale (Requires Sign-Up and S&H Fee) will be included, as well as many other features. You will use this site to do all of your mailing that you need to do.

It is a great place to have a one stop place to do anything you need to do, even shipping. If you are a busy person that requires a lot of trips to the post office, this can free up a lot of your time.

You will also be able to track your packages and ensure that they make it to their destination. This is a great way to have piece of mind if you are mailing or shipping something that is valuable or has deep meaning to you. You can rest assured that your mail or package is making it to the destination by tracking it online.

When you take advantage of this technology, you are completely changing the way you address your mail. You may wonder why it took you so long to use this type of mailing system and you may want to tell everyone you know how easy it can be to use the mail system.

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