If you want to save the time and hassle of going to the Post Office to purchase stamps, you can easily print postage stamps at home with online companies like Stamps.com. How does this work?

Well first of all, you are not actually printing stamps. You are printing postage which is normally a secure and scannable item either directly to an envelope or you can print to a self adhesive label for application to packages, etc. The postal service has scanners which can read these “stamps” and confirm that the necessary amount has been paid

With a service like Stamps.com, you only pay for the minimum necessary for a particular item. You can choose whether to send something via First Class, Priority, or Express Mail. By using a small scale, you can accurately measure your item and the software will calculate the exact amount required.

It then allows you to print this on your item and deducts the cost from your account. It also keeps a detailed record of the transaction including things like date, type, amount, recipient, etc.

These kinds of records are wonderful if you have a small business and want to track your expenses regularly. It’s also good for your own personal use in home budgeting. These records come in very handy when it comes to tax time since you will have a detailed record of transactions which can easily support expense deductions as required.

When you use online services, you may be able to take advantage of introductory pricing or incentives such as a meter or postage. After that you normally pay a monthly service fee.

However the online rates are often 5% to 10% less than an equivalent amount purchased from the Post Office. So these fees usually work out to be more than covered by the savings you realize with just a small amount of printed postage.

And you have the added benefit of time and travel savings since you don’t have to go to the Post Office so often simply to purchase stamps or wait in line to have it calculated for packages you might want to mail.

This convenience is a great time savings especially around Christmas time when the lines get very long. Who wants to stand around for 30 minutes of more when you can accomplish the same thing at home on your schedule?

Who do we recommend?

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