Today, the economic crisis has most consumers looking for new ways to save money. To print postage at home utilizing the services of is one unique way to accomplish this goal.

With the price of stamps rising every year, and this year is no exception, any savings that a consumer can incur will help the overall household budget.

You may have received a red packet, the size of a CD holder, in the mail. This is the well-known startup software packet. If you have not received this packet recently, you may wish to go to their site and discover how much you can actually save.

While there is a monthly fee for utilizing their services, consider the amount of money you spend each year whether it is packages, cards, or letters. It may be a considerable amount and, thus, you can save a substantial amount and apply those savings towards another item in your budget.

What does offer? For starters, during their 4-week trial, they often supply you with postage; a supply kit, and a 5 lb. scale (Requires Sign-Up and S&H Fee), check their website to see their latest offerings. The unique features offered are immeasurable.

As you know, any package that you place in the mailboxes must be 16 oz. or less. With, this restriction is waived for those packages you would normally send out through USPS. Therefore, if you use postage for a package weighing more than 16 oz. you can place it in the mailbox and not have it returned. Of course, if it is too large to fit through the slot, then you can always have the package picked up or take it directly to your local post office.

What other benefits are included by using By connecting the postal scale to your PC, you can print it out online and it will be accurate every time. In addition, if you are sending out invitations and have an address list, you can import that list to the website and take care of it immediately. For example, if you have an address list in Outlook or Word – it can be printed directly from these address books.

Moreover, with you can utilize the best and most efficient method of sending letters or packages; track said packages, and take advantage of their free delivery confirmation services as well.

At a time when the economy has us all worried, life must go on and this is a necessary part of life. To print postage at home will allow you the flexibility and savings to accurately process your mail in minutes. Take a few minutes to visit and see for yourself how easy it is to operate and the ultimate savings you will enjoy by using this service. is the best way to manage all your mailing needs. Sign up today for a 4-week trial and an $80 offer!