Whether you run your own business or simple send mail off frequently, it can become a pain having to run down to the post office on a consistent basis. The good news is you can now do it straight from your computer. If you find yourself asking “why should I print my own postage,” you will find there are a plethora of benefits to take advantage of.

Depending on how often you are making trips to the post office, it can become quite expensive sending one package after another. With Stamps.com you can potentially save as much as 80% compared to a meter. These kinds of savings can quickly add up so you can invest your money elsewhere in this tough economy.

Not only can it get expensive at the post office, but sometimes charges seem a bit outlandish. Another reason is because you will never overpay again. You can finally deliver your mail at a reasonable price.

On a smaller level, it can be a nuisance having to make the trip down to the post office day in and day out. If you send mail off once a month it is not that big of a deal. But if you run a business that requires you to send things off several times a week, delivering the mail through your computer can save you the time, hassle, and money on gas.

Having an account with Stamps.com can make it far easier to run a business as well. You have the ability to retrieve order data from eBay and many more sites. This ensures you get everything you need to properly handle customers.

In addition, you can print directly on envelopes, labels or plain paper. This provides options for how you want to present yourself and the business as a whole. There is no saying what you cannot do with yours. This will make your small business stand out from the rest of the crowd with true professionalism.

There is no need to ask yourself “why should I print my own postage” any longer. There are countless benefits. It will save you time, money and the hassle of having to run down to the local post office. It is a true convenience and can help you separate your business from the rest of the field. This is crucial considering the large amount of competition that fills the internet.

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