The days of having to go the Post Office to buy your stamps or metered postage are over. You can now easily print home postage with online services such as Here’s some of the things you can do.

Once you register for an account, you can obtain self adhesive sheets you can feed through your printer. Or you can print directly on an envelope. The programs allow you to use either standard first class or you can measure and weigh packages first.

In this way you can apply exactly the right amount to the package. You have a wonderful record of the transaction including date, amount, and other details you may want to include. This type of tracking is great for businesses who want detailed records of these kinds of expenses.

It also makes it much easier when it comes to tax time since you have detailed records of the expenses. The great thing about this is that the rates you’ll pay are less than equivalent rates you would otherwise pay by going to the Post Office. Depending on how much you mail, this can really add up.

And not only are you saving on the travel time and expense to get to the Post Office, you also don’t have to wait in lines there! Many people do it and apply it to their letters and packages.

If you do go to the Post Office to mail them, the agents are very happy to let you drop them off directly with them at the counter without waiting or you can drop them in mail slots or receptacles.

It used to be that to take advantage of applying your own, you had to purchase permits and purchase or lease a meter. This isn’t the case here. Most programs have terrific introductory promotions with postage and sometimes an electronic scale.

Normally services like require you to pay a small monthly membership fee in addition to the postage costs. However since you receive discounts on many types of postage, the savings usually more than makes up for the membership fees.

These services are also great if you are an eBay merchant. Not only can you use the tools included with the membership to calculate the postage prior to listing the item, you can also use the extensive tracking and record keeping tools to help you to manage your online auction business.

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