It is now possible to generate postage you can place on letters and packages through your computer and printed on an inkjet or laser printer. This PC postage will save you time and money since you no longer have to travel to the Post Office to purchase stamps.

There are several ways to do this but one very popular program is called You can enroll online and get your account set up. You can add funds to your account to pay or have it linked directly to a credit/debit card.

What’s nice about a program like this is you can store your “send from” name and address so it is much faster to get a shipment set up. You can also store your frequently used ship to addresses so you don’t need to keep entering that info all the time.

The system is very easy to use. It asks you for a variety of information. The most important concerns details about what you want to ship. You have options regarding specifying the type of shipment, type of service (ie First Class, Priority, etc.) and insurance coverages (if any).

You can also specify that you receive notifications when your package or letter is received. This is a very convenient way to ensure that what you sent was received. If there is a delay, you can trace the progress of the shipment.

This system not only stores ship to/from addresss, but keeps a detailed record of transactions. In this way you can go back over a specified period and track the shipments you made as well as the costs.

This tracking is very nice for small businesses who want to maintain better control over their expenses including shipping. A system like allows you to print either directly on an envelope or a self stick label. It can also print shipping labels which are integrated with the postage which saves you more time from having to fill out a shipping label separately.

And using this lets you take advantage of discounts over what you’d normally have to pay the Post Office. You can receive discounts of 5% – 10% on priority and express mail services.

So you not only save the time and inconvenience of having to travel to the Post Office, but you also save on the costs themselves. It’s a very convenient way to send letters and packages and one you should seriously consider.

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