Instead of having to travel to Post Office or other carrier, you can now pay postage online. There are systems and websites which allow you to determine the amount for a particular type of shipment and then be able to pay for it online. It can certainly save on the extra time and travel expense to get to the Post Office and can certainly be much more convenient. We will discuss this further.

A number of places like the USPS and carriers like Fedex and UPS, have the ability for consumers to access an Internet based program to pay online. With these programs, a user can access a web page where they can enter relevant details on the shipment including the ship from address, ship to address, weight of the package, size, and type of service.

Once this information has been determined, the user has the option to pay using a credit or debit card. This can certainly be much more convenient than having to travel to the Post Office or carrier to have the package weighed and measured and then paying for it there.

There are also generally discounts available. For example users can take advantage of a 10% discount on Priority and Express Mail service when paying online rather than from a Post Office branch.

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These kinds of services also have other nice advantages. It is able to keep track of shipments made throughout the month and organize it based on preferences. This is a great tool to use, especially when it comes to recordkeeping for tax purposes.

Once paid for, typically with a credit/debit card the user can do it himself on an inkjet printer. In some cases you can print directly to the envelope. Or it can be printed to a self stick label which is then applied to the package.

Once this has been done, the letter or package can either be picked up by the local carrier from your home or office. Or it can be deposited in a mail drop. Or lastly it can be dropped off at an authorized mail drop.

This can avoid having to make a special trip to the Post Office and wait in lines to get a package weighed and then have the postage determined based on some key information.

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