For most personal and business shipping situations, a person would have to bring the item to the post office or postal center, have it weighed and measured, the postage calculated and paid for and then be able to ship the item. It is now possible to use a number of different online systems and order postage.

There are a number of online systems or metered products which allows the user to determine the amount of postage needed for a particular shipment and then order and pay for the exact amount necessary.

For example the post office has an online service. Once you register for the service, you can enter information such as the sender address, receiver address and critical information on the shipment such as weight, size and type of service required.

The system will then calculate the amount required. You can pay for it using a credit or debit card. Once it has been ordered and paid for, it can be printed directly to an envelope or on a self stick label using a conventional inkjet printer.

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It prints out a special form of online postage which can be scanned and read by mail sorters. This makes the processing of the letter or package much easier and faster.

Depending on how you have it set up, it can also print out the return address and send to address, thus saving you the time and hassle of doing it separately. And a great added feature of this online service is that shipments can be tracked as well as expenses.

This comes in especially handy if you are a small business and want to track and record your expenses. If you still prefer to use conventional postage (i.e stamps), you can order that as well.

It is no longer required that you visit the Post Office to buy a book of stamps. It can be ordered through a website and the package of stamps will be sent to you. This can be very convenient and saves the time and travel expense of going to there for this purpose.

Not only can you order for transactions done by the USPS, but you can also order for carriers such as UPS and Fedex. You can also enter address information and then calculate and order the necessary postage for a particular type of service. This can then be printed out and added to a shipment envelope or package.

It is not necessary to have someone from the local carrier office do this part anymore. It can all be done from the comfort of your home or office. So save time and money and do it yourself.

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