Gone are the days of having to wake up extra early before work just to get to the post office to be able to buy postage. Sure the bill must be in the mail by tomorrow morning but you won’t have to get up early anymore because you can print it up right from your own printer! This is just one of the many benefits of being able to use online postage. Here are a few more.

The United States Postal Service has now made it possible for anyone to be able to do it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and something to print out with. When buying, make sure that you are buying from a USPS verified website. Stamps.com and the official USPS website are the main ones and the ones I would suggest.

I think I already named the main advantage in this type of service, but let me reiterate what this means. I’m sure you have been inside the Post Office during peak holiday hours where everybody and their dog was trying to mail out packages all at the same time.

I have seen lines wind back and forth inside of the Post Office and weave their way all the way outside. This means you might just have to stand outside in the frigid winter weather and wait in line for hours just to be sure your Aunt Margie gets her holiday card.

This put a strain on everyone in line as well as the people who had to work with those miserable people after they had been standing in line that long. I can only imagine the kind of verbal assaults those USPS workers had to go through. No more.

Small businesses and individuals who ship out products and goods everyday won’t have to employ people just to make trips back and forth to the Post Office anymore. This will save them plenty of time and gas money as well.

Not only is it making our lives easier by saving us time and trips to the Post Office, but it can save you money too. First time users might be able to qualify for a discount when first signing up and these websites often run deals and discounts if you buy at certain times.

Now you can see the great advantages of being able to use online postage. It really makes you wonder what took the USPS so long to make this happen.

Who do we recommend?

Our number one choice is Stamps.com

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