How many times have you forgotten to buy stamps by passing by the Post Office on the way home from work? It certainly is never a good feeling to know that you have to mail something out first thing in the morning and that you have no stamps in the house to be able to do so.

This usually meant that you would have to either go out again once you were already settled in for the night or you had to get up even earlier in the morning to make an extra trip to the post office. Not anymore thanks to the advent of the internet. Here is a brief article explaining the relatively painless process of how to buy postage online.

The first thing that you need to do is find an online store selling USPS-approved postage. Of course you can go to the USPS website to do this, but I really suggest using because the interface is much more user friendly and easier to use.

The first time that you use these websites you will be required to register with them. This is just so that the Post Office can print your name and address on the return portion and you will also be able to track your mail after it is sent out.

Once you verify your registration information, the next step is to make payment. If you are shipping bulk you will be able to save money on shipping. You can also choose to buy in bulk and save this for future shipments.

Then you will need to enter all of the information about where you are sending the package and what kind of delivery service you want to use. i.e overnight, priority mail, next day, etc..

The next step is to weigh your package. You will be required to put the exact weight and this way you can pay the right amount to get it sent properly. If you don’t pay enough, the person you are sending it to will be required to finish the payment in order to receive the postage.

Last but not least, you will need to print out and tape it onto your mail or package. Make sure that it is readable and firmly affixed.

That’s how to buy postage online. It’s a simple process that saves us all a lot of time and trouble.

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