If you are looking for cheap online postage, there are several options to consider. You just need to look at several factors associated with these services.

The postage rates. These rates are governed by the USPS. However they have negotiated discounts with services like Stamps.com to provide discounts of 5% – 10% off the standard rates for priority or express mail services. This can amount to some very nice savings depending upon your shipping volume.

So you definitely need to keep this type of thing in mind if you are looking for the cheapest.

Fees. When you use this, you normally have to pay a monthly service fee of around $15. However some of the services like Stamps.com will sometimes start you off with discounts, postage, and a scale (Requires Sign-Up and S&H Fee) (check their website for their latest offers, which may or may not contain what we’ve mentioned). This way you can weigh the item yourself and then use the shipping software to determine the correct amount required.

This can save you money in the long run since you don’t have to guess at the amount required. Otherwise you will most likely apply too much or risk having the package or letter returned by not including enough on it.

Therefore a scale is an invaluable tool to have when trying to get the cheapest. Check with the other companies you might be considering to see if they provide you with a scale. Otherwise you will have to factor that extra cost into the true cost.

So you may find a service which has lower monthly membership fees but requires you to use a special printer or purchase a scale. This adds to the effective cost so definitely keep these kinds of things in mind..

When it comes to these, most of the differences pricing comes in package services. You are not limited to USPS services. If you sign up for an account with UPS or Fedex, you may be able to negotiate additional discounts depending upon the volume of service you plan to do with them.

It is helpful to speak to a representative of each company concerning this. When you get registered online, you normally enter your account number and this has the information keyed to it concerning approved discounts, etc.

This can certainly be an excellent way to find the cheapest online postage for your particular requirements.

Who do we recommend?

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