Normally if you wanted to mail a letter or send a package, you had to purchase stamps from the post office or bring the package there to get weighed and measured so that the appropriate postage could be determined. These extra steps can be avoided if you buy US Postage online.

It is now possible to enrol in a website where you can determine exactly how much is required to mail a letter or package and then pay for it without having to travel to the Post Office or carrier office. It can be printed from a conventional inkjet printer. The postage can be printed directly to the envelope or printed to a self stick label and then attached to the package.

The advantage to this type of service is that it allows the customer to print off the exact amount required. If a person were to use stamps, it might be necessary to estimate. In order to avoid a situation in which insufficient postage is applied, most people would add extra just to be on the safe side. This wastes money as more postage is applied than is really necessary.

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In any case in order to buy online, it is necessary to establish an account directly with the USPS or through a service like Once the account has been established, it can be accessed and the key information like shipping address, ship to address, weight, size and other critical information.

At that point, the exact amount required for this size package can be determined very accurately. It will then give the user an opportunity to pay via an online method like a credit/debit card.

This type of service is great for a small business because it keeps records as to the amount charged and used over a given period of time. This can be very helpful for those customers who need a good way to track these expenses for analysis and tax planning purposes.

However it is used, the ability to buy online enables users to only pay for the exact amount of postage used and avoid having to travel to the Post Office or carrier office, wait in line and have someone else determine and charge you for the amount needed for a particular shipment. It certainly does save time and money.

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