By listening to their customers needs the USPS (United States Postal Service) opened up a whole new booming marketplace for convenient postage.

The option for people to print postage online from their own home or office means they may never need go to the post office again.

Apart from the USPS itself, many other companies are authorized to sell it. With you can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the most convenient, easiest way to manage your mailing needs.

What’s Needed?

To print USPS approved postage all that’s needed is a PC, Digital Scale and Printer. Postage for envelopes, packages and even priority mail can be printed right from your home or home office. No more standing in line. is perhaps the best known website of the solutions. has capitalized on the tech savvy world we live in by starting something new, in a world where everyone’s online and every business has a website, now you can take care of your mailing needs too. Eliminating the need for trips to the post office or store to get your stamps. It’s so simple that anyone can do it and all that’s required is your computer, printer and a digital scale which they can provide.

What Are The Benefits?

Businesses of any size, even a home office or home based business will see benefits from using this solution, saving both time and money. Studies from various sources show that using these companies can benefit both you and your business if just $50 is spent per month. Using a PC, Printer and Digital Scale can save up to 80 percent on regular postal expenses.

Costly Times Behind Us

Before the USPS opened up these sources the most popular way to achieve similar results was through the use of a meter. These were like a printer and scale combined. Big business found the most use for these, they would weigh the mail then print a label.

Although still very much available, they are for the most part only used by larger businesses due to the cost of renting one. The fees being too needless of a cost should you not use a certain amount of postage.

In A Nutshell

This technology affords you the opportunity to print only what you need without having to rent specialist equipment. You have the PC and Printer, the Digital Scale can be had through one of the many special offers from Why not start a trial today!

In the busy world of today in which convenience is welcomed warmly, many people find this to be incredibly useful. In fact, there are literally thousands of people that do it from their own computer everyday. is the best way to manage all your mailing needs. Sign up today for a 4-week trial and an $80 offer!